Analysis Services Overview

Sigmadyne’s versatile engineering analysis capabilities offer you expert affordable service in developing and improving the performance and cost of your products. We use the latest finite element analysis technology to predict and improve performance of a wide array of products, but our greatest heritage is in the photonics industry. We have developed specialized tools and skills to make predictions of how mechanical performance affects optical performance of high precision optical products.

The following links will give you a clearer illustration of what these specific capabilities are.

Integrated Optomechanical
Mechanical analyses focused on predicting degredation in optical performance due to the effect of mechanical disturbances can be useful in a wide array of applications. Effects may be optical surface deformations due to thermal or structural loading or refractive index changes due to temperature or stress changes.

Adaptive Control
Simulation of the adaptive control process helps develop structural designs and actuator layouts of adaptively controlled optics.

Optical performance metrics such as surface RMS error, line-of-sight error, and optical modulation transfer function may be predicted for harmonic, random, or transient dynamic loading of optical systems.

Design Optimization
Optimum design techniques are effective methods used in developing designs with many variables and competing requirements.

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