Licensing Terms

Description of licensing and trial procedures

Trial Licenses

A trial license is a good way to get familiar with how SigFit may be used in your work. Trial licenses are issued for a term of 30 days and are fully functional. The software is delivered with examples and documentation to help you get started. You may also contact technical support during the trial to answer questions and provide assistance.

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License Terms

Use of SigFit requires acceptance of a software agreement. When you request a quote a numbered agreement will be prepared for you. This agreement must be reviewed and executed by a legally authorized agent of your establishment such as on officer of a corporation or someone in your legal department. A properly executed agreement and your authorized purchase order completes your order.

Before a purchase order for SigFit will be accepted, a numbered software agreement issued by Sigmadyne must be signed by an authorized representative of your organization. Example agreements may be found in the links below.

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