Published Papers

TitleAuthorPublish LocationDateLink
Analysis technique for controlling system wavefront error with active/adaptive opticsV. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2017/8
Using integrated models to minimize environmentally induced wavefront error in optomechanical design and analysisV. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2017/8
Improvements in analysis techniques for segmented mirror arraysG. Michels, V. Genberg, G. BissonSPIE2016/8
Novel applications of active mirror analysisV. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2015/9
Optomechanical analysis of diffractive optical elementsG. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2015/9
Challenges in integrated optomechanical analysisV. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2015/6
Computational methods to compute wavefront error due to aero-optic effectsV. Genberg, G. Michels, et. al.SPIE2013/8
Analysis of thermally loaded transmissive optical elementsG. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2013/8
Analysis techniques for adaptively controlled segmented mirror arraysG. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2012/9
Integrating MD Nastran with optical performance analysisV. Genberg, G. MichelsMSC Software2011/10
Using the DRESP3 to improve multidisciplinary optimizationG. Michels, V. GenbergMSC Software2011/10
Training of optomechanical engineers at the University of RochesterV. Genberg, J. D. EllisSPIE2011/8
Optomechanical tolerancing with Monte Carlo techniquesV. Genberg, G. Michels, G. BissonSPIE2011/8
Integrated modeling of jitter MTF due to random loadsV. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. MichelsSPIE2011/8
Advances in the analysis and design of adaptive opticsG. Michels, V. GenbergOSA Optics & Photonics Congress2011/7
Optomechanical analysis in the fabrication of conformal and free form opticsV. Genberg, G. Michels, G. BissonSPIE2011/3
Opto-mechanical analysis and design tool for adaptive X-ray opticsG. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2010/8
Antenna performance predictions of a radio telescope subject to thermal perturbationsK. DoyleSPIE2009/8
Integrating ANSYS mechanical analysis with optical performance analysis using SigFitG. Michels, V. Genberg, K. DoyleANSYS2008/10
A general tool for the design and analysis of stressed optic polishingV. Genberg, G. Michels, K. Doyle, G. BissonOSA2006/10
Optical modeling of finite element surface displacements using commercial softwareK. Doyle, V. Genberg, G. Michels, G. BissonSPIE2005/8
Design optimization of system level adaptive optical performanceG. Michels, V. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. BissonSPIE2005/8
Design optimization of actuator layouts of adaptive optics using a genetic algorithmG. Michels, V. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. BissonSPIE2005/8
Optical Interface for MSC.NastranV. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. MichelsMSC Software2004/10
Opto-Mechanical I/F for ANSYSV. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. MichelsANSYS2004/5
Optical performance as a function of dynamic mechanical loadingV. Genberg, K. Doyle, G. MichelsSPIE2003/8
Integrated optomechanical analysis of adaptive optical systemsK. Doyle, V. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2003/8
Design strength of optical glassK. Doyle, V. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2003/8
Making mechanical FEA results useful in optical designV. Genberg, G. Michels, K. DoyleSPIE2002/7
Numerical methods to compute optical errors due to stress birefringenceK. Doyle, V. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2002/7
Othogonality of Zernike polynomialsV. Genberg, G. Michels, K. DoyleSPIE2002/7
Finite element modeling of nearly incompressible bondsG. Michels, V. Genberg, K. DoyleSPIE2002/7
Athermal design of nearly incompressible bondsK. Doyle, G. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2002/7
Stress birefringence modeling for lens design and photonicsK. Doyle, J. Hoffman, V. Genberg, G. MichelsInternational Optical Design Conference2002/4
Opto-mechanical analysis of segmented/adaptive opticsV. Genberg, G. MichelsSPIE2001/8
Athermal design and analysis for WDM applicationsK. Doyle, J. HoffmanSPIE2001/8
Design optimization of actively controlled opticsG. Michels, V. GenbergSPIE2000/11
Thermo-elastic wavefront and polarization error analysis of a telecommunication optical circulatorK. Doyle, W. BellSPIE2000/11