SigFit Downloads

Use of SigFit requires two components:
  1. the SigFit application software
  2. the SigFit licensing software

The application software is the software that runs the analysis calculations while the licensing software is separate software that provides license enablement to the application software. The licensing software may run on a machine different than the machine running the SigFit application.

Download of all software below requires a password from Sigmadyne. If you are a new customer, then please request a trial license to gain access. If you are an existing customer, then please contact support.

SigFit Application

The download installers below include SigFit, Visual SigFit, examples, documentation, plotting support files, and release notes in an installation executable file. To install, please follow the installation instructions.

For previous versions of SigFit please visit the SigFit Downloads Archive.

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SigFit Application Patches

There are no patches to upgrade to the current version. Please use the full install files above.

SigFit Licensing Software

Download the following to install the SigFit licensing software. To install, follow the installation instructions. Download of the software requires a password from Sigmadyne.

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