SigFit User Course

This SigFit course is intended to teach students the usage of all features of SigFit. Working knowledge of the finite element software to be used and the optical software to be used is highly advantageous but not required.

Unfamiliarity with either finite element and/or optical analysis tools will limit the students ability to understand the material deeply but will not prohibit learning and participation. Finite element analysts and optical analysts who work together as colleagues will likely benefit from attending together in order to enhance their ability to understand each other’s disciplines and collaborate more cooperatively.

IMPORTANT: This course only covers the use of SigFit without the theory and background. It is intended for users who already have a solid foundation in the theory and application of integrated optomechanical analysis. Users lacking this background may face confusion in applying the use of SigFit to their application. Users needing more in-depth coverage should choose the SigFit/IOMA course.